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Blog | Linda Reeves| December 2020


Who loves Tools that Work? 


Who has so much stuff going on wth them and their body that they aren’t sure anymore what they can do, being either in physical pain or emotional or both? Have you told yourself that there is nothing I can do…… what will be, will be?  What if that wasn’t true? What if there is something else that can change this? 


When I first met Access Consciousness®, I was full of limitation and woe, doom and gloom. My body had been wacked about in a car accident 3 years before. (and by Me)

What if your points of view create your reality? ........ All the judgments, conclusions, dramas, traumas, belief patterns........ oops, almost everything you have been taught? How was I going to unlock my Body from all of this?


I immediately started using the Access BARS®……. An earth energy, pulled through your body, via 32 points on the head by an Access facilitator, to start the shift of these limitations from the body, and a few clearings I was taught, to assist me. Even though I was saying it wouldn’t work, I must have known something, ……. as I’m still using the tools and running Bars® over 12 years later and been Certified Facilitating most of that time...... Truly Amazing!!!!!!!


It certainly has been a long walk through the woods and I’m still clearing stuff out. What I did get to realise very early on, was that Access® had these amazing Tools you can use, if you would like to start using them NOW, it can change things for you too. I would like to add that this is all about consciousness, not healing, and along the way it tends to heal the body as you let go of your unconsciousness and anti-consciousness through your points of view that you have taken on as real and true, that was causing your pains and misery. 


My biggest point of View was "I was broken" and I had so many stories. So what tools did I use, that you could use? 

1.   Who does it belong to? Was it mine? Was it someone else’s? Was it Something Else?

That stopped me in my tracks. I was asked if I was psychic? Could I read other people’s minds? Did I take other people’s stuff on? Of course the response was YES!!! (and you do not have to be this to do this work, by the way. It just starts to develop using the energy)


What if 98% of those things going on with me wasn’t mine? They appeared to be in my body, so would someone ask me this? What if they were all someone else’s? In other words, was I picking up everyone else's thoughts, feeling and emotions telepathically, as mine, and locking them in my body? I was asked the questions above, again and I had to say “Oh crap, it’s not mine! “What about the car accident” I came back with…… and not letting it all go!!! I was hanging on to the story and holding onto the limitations. 


Access have these clearings that are just magic and they shift the energy in the body and our Points of View if we allow that. (Only you can choose this about you and the facilitator can follow the energy of you and ask you questions, and your body and you know what is true for you) So this is where I started.


2.   Do you know that your Point of View creates your Reality? In other words what you think or believe, it comes to you, you create it. I was asked how much I was choosing to be on the planet. You already know whether it is a YES or a NO for you........... I had had enough. 

What did I have to say about that? .................. What I was saying was “I can’t get better”. Was that going to change anything? I had to say NO. 


3.  It was explained that to use a question, and keep asking questions and never having an answer would change lots. So I started asking questions about my body and getting awareness that my body was not happy. We are an infinite being in a body, which is our vehicle for this lifetime. I had been beating my body up with all the talk I had been using, so for what reason would it work for me? It was tired of my recklessness, excuses, lack of listening, the drama, trauma I was creating. Far out!!!!! What does your body know that you think you don't?


Was this mine or not? I had heard it all before. It was my Dad and Mum and everyone around me that I was taking in points of view of........... note......... none of it was even mine (of course we don't even need to know who's it was, to let it go) and I had bought it lock stock and barrel and locked it in my body. At that point I wasn't receiving the awareness, that came very quickly. I sure did not like being like this. Was it someone elses? YESSSSSSSS!! 


4.  So…….. it was ……. Return to sender with a thousand fold Consciousness  attached……… And the MAGIC Access Clearing Statement used after it, creating the miraculous release.

Lots of clearings and running Body Processes, including BARS has shifted lots for me. What if you could choose for you too? 

Go to:


In a very short time, I was able to start to function again and 3 months later I was back in Child Care. Although there were loads more limitations starting to surface and more release to be done, I would clear and have my Bars® run each week to keep on top of it. It was at a point of the next question of:  was this really something else????


5.  Was it something Else? Now this was a yes to Was it something else, as I had already had some issues before I met Access®. I was asked did it belong to the Earth..... and most of the time it does, so we can just return that too, and the earth will willingly receive it, pain and all, however some wasn't.

We are living entities and everything is an entity. We do also have entities that are beings that haven’t left the planet after they have passed on, that we like to keep around us. There are many more entities that I won’t go into here. I had a whole entourage and with regular clearing that I learnt one of the tools from the 4 day Foundation Class I did, I was able to clear the entities and have more Space of me. It cleared lots of head chatter and headaches. What else is possible? 


So now the 1st question I ask of anyone ……. Is it yours?........ Is it someone else’s? or is it something else? Most of the time it is Someone else’s!!!!! 

Easy peasy!!!!! Would you like to clear it???


Please contact me if you would like to know more about this. I would love to hear from you so you too can be the ease you truly be. 





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