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About Linda

 Hi and Welcome,

Firstly, I would like this to be a warm invitation to you, your family, your friends and your work mates and anyone you know, to get to know me. I would love to meet you.​ 

Now my introduction to You - Where and how did I start out?


I was born, and grew up in Esperance, WA.  In my early 20's I lived in wheatbelt towns when my children were little, and then chose to purchase a Garden Centre and Florist Business in Esperance, that I built up and sold, and later moved on to Perth where I managed Garden Centres. Much later the family moved on to Bridgetown where I created an Interflora Florist and a quaint and intriguing little Garden Centre, of which I much later sold, moving on to Bunbury/Australind and then back to Perth. I have 3 adult sons and 2 grandchildren.​ 


Over 20 years ago, I ventured into Energy Work. After working in a Government job for some years, my gift for working with energy & healing had emerged, including a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy. A car accident in 2007 interrupted this and over the next 3 years, I spent searching modalities to heal myself, where I finally found the amazing tools of Access Consciousness® and the Bars®.


Having obtained a Certificate 111 in Childcare also, I was able to go back to work, after 3 months running energy, and using Access Tools® to assist my body in 2010. After becoming an Access Certified Facilitator, now having over 12 years of experiencing the energy of Access Consciousness Classes & constantly Facilitating Classes and Sessions, I am now very comfortable, and at ease with what I do and be, creating magic, change and possibilities with bodies. 

Access® Classes have created so much physical change in my body due to release of lots of limitations that I was carrying, & I'm ever so grateful. As a Certified Facilitator, I facilitate a variety of Classes, including the amazingly potent 4 day Foundation® Class, that allow people to expand even further to New Possibilities and choose again. 


I love facilitating people, am so grateful for these tools, and can handle situations that come up with total ease. What if you could choose more for you? Would that

be more ease too? Would you like to become more aware of you and your body, and not have to rely on others to know better than you do?


Access Foundation® Classes can assist you with tools that can create this!.......... I invite you to come play in a 1 day Bars® Class to get the sense of the energy and learn to run BARS® ...............and of course, I offer the 4 day Foundation® Class to create masses of change for you if you are willing to choose.

"Empowering you to know that you know".

CF&BODY-LOGO [L.Reeves].jpg
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I love a challenge.

With the Access® tools, it makes my life so much easier than it ever was. What if Drama & trauma doesn't exist once you use the tools


Did you know that your point of view creates your reality? In other words, we create our own reality.


So, if you don't choose to change anything in your life, then your life will continue the same as it was!!!

The Question is - will you Choose? 

I am also a Body Process Facilitator, I run Classes and Sessions. (There are about 60 different Access® hands-on processes available, to assist the body)

Then there is the Access® Facelift Classes & Sessions that I'm Facilitator of, also. The process is so delightfully nurturing to the face and body, while receiving the facelift. By Running Facelift regularly, keeps you looking younger. What if we didn't have to use products and botulism? We have fortnightly Facelift Swaps too.  

What Else is Possible?

How does it get any better than this?

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Thanks for submitting!

All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory®.



I took Bars Class and the Foundation Class with Linda and it was the most amazing experience I've ever had!

Her kindness and wisdom was the perfect combination to jump into this journey specially designated to dive in your deepest darkness, discovering yourself in a funny and non dramatic way  I've always be grateful to you Linda, thank you so much for such a beautiful experience!!!

See you next time!!!! 

RP June 2023 

This Class blew my mind every day Linda was an amazing facilitator right to the end.
LLB 2021

Linda you’ve been absolutely amazing! So, so many clicks of awareness are still happening!!

You are a true catalyst of consciousness . LF 2020



Thanks Linda

It made me feel much better.

I was still doing this reality thing. I needed to let go of her and her opinion. It is just  an interesting point of view. 

I was trying make myself RIGHT.

Until I come across to the point I am refused, I don't realise it. So in that sense, I am grateful to her.

Thank you so much Linda. I really appreciate your guidance and support. MS 2020



Thanks so much you help me a lot today I'm feeling better 🙂

Grateful. LS 2020



Thankyou so much! Absolutely so grateful for you, an amazing class. MS 2019



Thanks Linda. Yes!! What else is possible in this new place? I felt like i just need to go and start creating more of the life that I want! Xxx xxx I know you of all people will understand. I'm grateful for all the tools and resources you have shared with me! 😍😋🎉💜 MC 2018



Hi Linda!

Thanks so much for the best class ever, I know there has been so much change and I'm really operating on a whole new level today. You really are such an incredible person and I feel so lucky to have spent this time with you. I'm so ready to do more classes lol!

Thanks for being exactly as you are, hope to see you again. AC 2017



Hi Linda
Thank you for your time on Saturday. 
It was a great experience and already receiving the benefits of the bars. 
Lower back and shoulder pain have gone and hope they will not come back again. 
I'm feeling dizzy time to time, suppose it's about settling down of the new energy??? EU 2017



One of my highlights this year was meeting you Linda!  ❤  Thank you for All you do! 🙏 SC  2016



WOW How does it get better that this. Your a fantastic facilitator and i am so grateful our paths have crossed. 

No shit and say it how it is... stay strong there is so much to do.

With gratitude Luv luv. WS  2016 



Good Morning Linda,

Much gratitude for yesterday. Oh my god was such a good day, I had so much fun giving and receiving bars. Now I’m intrigued to see what shifts for me in my reality. Lots of things, I hope. 

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and light.

I will see you at the foundation class most likely. Just have to sort the money out for that.

I’m hoping to practice bars a couple of times on family and then to the wider community.



The bars will assist with my healing of my spine I am sure. MC 2016



thank you dearest Linda ☺

I really enjoyed the class & cannot wait to get stuck into it 

I will no doubt get into doing more of your classes down the track though would like to master the Bars to start & then add on to that.

Much love, I'm sure we are going to cross paths again. Very soon. KB 2014



Hi Linda

Thank you so much for the space of transformation you created and made available on Saturday. I've experienced a lot of energetic shifting, expansion and transformation and it seems to be gathering momentum.

I have registered for Dain's ESB - Symphony of Possibilities in Noosa and I know that is just going to blow the lid on so many things. I was registered to participate online (as that was the only option originally) but I say that, after the weekend, I now have the possibility to jump to a whole new level (stratosphere) because of what was made available during the Facelift class.

My body is shifting too, it is clearing a lot of fixed energy and I feel so much lighter and  flexible.

Thank you!!! LW 2013



Hi gorgeous lady – I feel like dancing!!!!!! Yahooooooo

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have transferred payment into your account. It should appear in your account within 24 hours.

Thank you again for enabling me to do this.

Wow, what a session.  I am seeing everyone and everything differently.

Bless you.

I will be in touch soon.

Joy to me (first) ha

Joy to you next

then, Joy to the world!!!!!! QS 2012

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