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Bars & Foundation Classes

Access Bars® Class

A one day Class that facilitates you through learning the 32 points on the head that we touch lightly to release old energies that are not a contribution to you

or your body anymore.


An Invitation

The Access Bars® are the first Core Class to give you the basics of Access Consciousness and how to run the Bars®, clearing out old energies that are not working for you, and probably haven't been for a very long time.

Come experience this!

 "What is Consciousness?

Consciousness (or awareness) is the willingness to be with no point of view. Consciousness offers us a very different way of being with ourselves, and others. It is full allowance, for each other and for our choices, without doubt or hesitation.

It provides more space for us; more space for others; more space for the planet. Consciousness® includes everything and judges nothing." - Gary Douglas - Founder

The Bars®

Bars & Foundation Manuals .png

What if, by asking a Question is all it takes to

create lots of NEW Possibilities?


You may say, why a question? ...... A question will open doors to more choice, possibilities and contribution. If you would like to create more, these are tools you can learn to assist to manifest, or use in your business. Would you like to know how? 

Foundation Class 3.5 days

After you have completed the Bars, you know how the energy comes and goes through the Body, and have some life changing tools, you may start to look for more. Foundation® is available on a regular basis and if you are looking at particular time please let me know. I can give you dates that I have ahead of time. 

Are you ready for more tools and a change in your life from all the same old patterns or limitations acting out? What if you could actually have things work for you? This Class is very potent and is not for the faint at heart. Know that you can receive change if you are asking for it. 

Would you like to come play in this arena? Check out the Shop here and see dates that are posted for future Foundation Classes. Nobody ever regrets coming to a Foundation Class. 

New Access Tools, a Body Process with verbal clearings, and bodies to create the magic of the change that you asked for, what else could be possible? What if your health, finances, relationships, communications, ease, joy, fun, etc., could grow? 

I love this Class and have facilitated it numerous times over a very long time, and find it is indescribable the different, and amazing changes we get to see.


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