Bars & Foundation Classes

Access Bars® Class

A one day Class that facilitates you through learning the 32 points on the head that we touch lightly to release old energies that are not a contribution to you or your body any more.

An Invitation

The Access Bars® are the first Core Class to give you the basics of Access Consciousness and how to run the Bars®, clearing out old energies that are not working for you, and probably haven't been for a very long time.

Come experience this!


 "What is Consciousness?

Consciousness (or awareness) is the willingness to be with no point of view. Consciousness offers us a very different way of being with ourselves, and others. It is full allowance, for each other and for our choices, without doubt or hesitation.

It provides more space for us; more space for others; more space for the planet. Consciousness® includes everything and judges nothing." - Gary Douglas - Founder

The Bars®

Access 4 day Foundation® Class - 2nd Core Class

We welcome you to join us for this potent Class, .............with a whole combination of fun and humour and wake-up call……. An absolute must to consider and then choose!!!

The Foundation®


The Tool Kit to unlock us from the trauma of this reality and allows us to choose different.

What other choices do I have here that I've not Acknowledged?

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