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An Invitation, 

Repeat Class half price.


Bars Class - 1 day 9am-5.30pm

Learn how to run the energy of the Bars®....... You receive 2 x sessions and gift 2 x sessions during the day. 


An introduction to the Access Clearing Statement and Access Clearings, which are used in other areas of Access Classes and sessions.


Some amazing tools that can create change in your world instead of operating the way most of us have...... trauma, drama, pain, judgment, etc. 


What would it be like to have more ease and relaxation in your life, no matter what anyone else does?


The start to becoming more of you.............

Is this what you have been looking for? If so whould you like to join us for the day? 


Thank you. 

Much gratitude 

Linda Reeves 

Bars Class 12th May 2024 Repeat

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