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An Invitation, 


The 1st core 1 day Bars Class in Access. 

What do you do?  Learn to run the BARS! 


What if you can create ease in bodies when you run the Bars? The Bars are great for more ease in the body, less head chatter, better sleep, relaxation, etc, etc, etc.


What if that is only a part of what Bars are all about? What would it be like to have more presence in your body and more awareness, the more you have your Bars run? 


The Bars are about having more consciousness of you and your body and of course, the Planet. What if running the Bars creates more consciousness and the spin off is what is listed above? I wonder how much you would have your Bars run and how much others could run your Bars? 


Would that be fun for you? Would that make your household much more ease? .........Hmmm...... I wonder? 


Sign up and come join us, we would love to have you. 


Much gratitude 


Access Bars® Prac. Class 9th June 2024

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