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An Invitation, 


Coaching Consciously

Approx 1 hr 



Like to change your life, your business, your money flows,  where you haven't been able to in the past. Are you willing to let go of limitations to create different?  


Our point of view creates our reality, so we quite often have a point of view that we are stuck on and not prepared to give up, not even realising it.


If we don't choose different and we hope things will change, rarely they do. If you are repeating the same things every day you will receive the same tomorrow, as yesterday. What can you change today? 


Once we recognise this , in come tools to clear out the issues, and allow us to move forward, and leave the past behind.

Very freeing!!!!!!


Everyone is different so your session is tailored to your individual requirements as we follow the energy. Private and confidential. 

Coaching Consciously - Approx 1 hr $250

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