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An Invitation, 


Are you looking for something that allows you to be more of you? ....... Where you have real relaxation and nurturing that your Body desires? Do you run for time all day long? 

Would you like to explore? 

Can be used for fun with family and friends, or as a Business....... your choice! 

At the end of a BARS® Class you become a BARS® Practitioner. 

Bars are 32 points on the head that when touched lightly can change lots if you are in allowance. It is your choice always. You can allow those points to release all the head chatter, limitations, etc, and when you are done about an hour later you are more relaxed and more ease and joy can flow in. 

Like to create this in your life? 

If so I'd love to have you join us for the day. 

How much fun is it to change lives? 

Thank you. 

Much gratitude


PS. Normal Cost $450. A Repeat Bars Class is half price - $225 

Bars® Practitioner Class in Perth 12th May 2024

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