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Hi and Welcome,


An Invitation,

21st January 2024     9am-5.30pm


An invitation to come join the delightful, nurturing energy of the hands-on Access Facelift™ Class.

A potent energy to harness and a delight to receive beyond Aging.

Only for those who are willing to receive........ do you know anyone that would love this energy? Hands-on touch. 

Like to forget all the old methods and choose this exciting Access Process?

Too much fun and chilling out with lots of face & body lifting going on..... works on butts, hips, legs, chicken arms, breasts, bellies, in fact, all your body, only we concentrate on your face.

Come play!!!

Much gratitude


Linda Reeves CF

0438 114 555



Energetic Facelift™ Practitioner Class 21st January 2024

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