An Invitation,

Access Book Club Exploration

30th June – 11th August 2022

Facilitator: Linda Reeves 0438 114 555


Book – “The Home of Infinite Possibilities”

Class Time: 6pm – 7pm AWST (Perth WA)

Venue: Online Zoom


Payment: Transfer to Body Tune-Up’s - CBA - BSB 066 516 – Account No 10543562, or PayPal.Me/LFReeves54/000 or

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Cost: $350 AUD for 7 Calls


Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness are the authors of the Book Exploration of “The Home of Infinite Possibilities” that I will be facilitating.

What is the Power of committing to your own life?

This book Club is based on contents of the “Book” and discussions online , including some of the clearing of energies that limit us.

What would happen if you became the leader of your own reality?

How much fun can we all have?

What are the infinite possibilities of you joining us on these amazing 7 calls?

How do you honour yourself and your commitments?

Do you know that the Universe would like to contribute far mor to you than you are willing to receive?

If this Exploration is calling you make the choice, and we will see you very soon online

Thank you.


Much Gratitude


Linda Reeves CFMW

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Book Club Exploration- 30 June-11August 2022