An Invitation,


Body Process™ Class
Perth/Queens Park WA
26th November 2021


Facilitated by Linda Reeves CF
Hands-On Body Process Practitioner Class to learn processes to assist bodies.


The"Square Root of Minus One" process is being asked after lots, lately. Let's face it, how much have we had changed in our bodies with foods, chemicals, and anything our bodies haven't liked?


Only 3.5 hours so ease to fit in and still have some of your day left, and you are able to go away and run this process on others. You can use in a business or do it for fun.


I would love to have peeps join us who can use this process.

Thank you.

Much gratitude
Linda Reeves - Certified Facilitator

Body Processes - 12th June 2022 Square Root of Minus One