Bars Practitioner Class 2nd Decem 2021
Facilitated by Linda Reeves - Certified Facilitator. 


An Invitation, 

Are you interested in a Bars Class or have you completed one and would like a repeat Class? All are very welome to this 1st core Acces Bars® Class. 


No matter the reason, a Bars® Class can definitely change something for you.


For me, when I left at completion of the 1st class I took, I was unsure and wondered what would change. Well, 2 mornings after attending that Class, I found that I could turn my head to the right, and I hadn't been able to do that for 3 years since a car accident. 


So, now you know about me, the rest is history, as I kept running Bars and having my Bars run regularly and 11 years later I'm still running Bars, due to the massive contribution the Bars® be to me, and others. I'm ever so grateful for this amazing process, called The Bars®.


Would you like to create that kind of change for you, or even if it is just more ease and relaxation? Would you like to run others Bars and watch the changes?


I have seen the Bars change so much for people..... clears head chatter, trauma, stress, anger, anxiety, grief, ADD, ADHD, PTSD and sooooo much more.


I offer you to come play and enjoy the 1 day Bars Practitioner Class. 

I look forward to meeting you very soon. 


Thank you. 
Much gratitude 
Linda Reeves CF

Access BARS® Practitioner Class 2nd December 2021